Confidential Voluntary Reporting System (CVRS) – Portal

Confidential Voluntary Reporting System– confidential reporting of malpractices and irregularities to the Pars Air Safety Department in the field of aviation safety

   The Pars Air Safety Department has a Confidential Voluntary Reporting System in place to enable individuals to voluntarily report to the safety department errors and irregularities, safety concerns, hazards and risks in the field of aviation safety, without having to fear that their action may have adverse consequences for their person.
Confidential Safety Reporting does not replace the normal MOR (mandatory occurrence reporting) lines for aviation professionals but tries to capture occurrences not collected from mandatory reporting system.
The most important advantage of CVRS over MOR is that passive occurrences usually will be reported through CVRS which may lead to higher consequences.

What can be reported?
Confidential Voluntary Reporting System allows to report any suspected, presumed or alleged violations of the legal framework.
Before submitting your report please ensure that your information is:

  • Relevant and related to aviation safety;
  • Sufficiently specific, substantiated and complete, and ideally supported by documentary evidence; unspecified allegations cannot be followed up by Safety Department.

How to report and what happens after
Reports on suspected malpractices and irregularities should be submitted by filling in the online   form. Please do not send the same or similar correspondence to any other Safety email addresses and please note that the size of the documents attached should not exceed 6 MB.
After registration of an incoming report, you could be asked for additional information or clarification, which is why including your e-mail address in the Confidential Safety Report form is highly appreciated.
Information that falls within the Pars Air Safety Department’s remit, is registered and de-identified (so that you remain anonymous). Your e-mail address and personal details will not be disclosed to anyone outside the Pars Air Confidential Safety Reporting team.  After de-identification, the information is forwarded to the relevant technical unit which investigates the case.

How Pars Air Safety Department informs you about the outcome of the investigation
If your reported matter falls within the Pars Air Safety Department’s tasks and responsibilities, Safety Department will conduct the necessary investigation and you can be informed about the outcome through tracking code received. Duration of the investigation depends on the complexity of the case. Pending Pars Air Safety Department’s investigation, you will only be contacted in case of required additional information.
Pars Air Safety Department is not in a position to provide you with a follow-up on reported matters that fall outside Pars Air Safety Department’s tasks and responsibilities.

Data protection
Reporter’s personal data will be protected within the Confidential Voluntary Reporting System.
Reports which could lead to essential changes in order to promote safety level of the company and to be considered to prevent a hazardous situation, would be encouraged.
We thank you for your support and active interest in promoting aviation safety culture! 
To send a report please click on the following link.

Confidential Safety Reporting System